Month: May 2018

The Best Paint Colours (and accents) for Boys Rooms Whenever I have clients with kids there is often a struggle between what the kid wants and what the parent wants. The kids often gravitate towards colours in the ‘primary’ – aka ‘visual punch in the face’ range (blue/red/yellow), where as Moms lean towards the softer more subtle versions of these colours. And of course, there is the odd brave parent who lets their kids pick their own colours – bless their hearts. NOT THIS MOMMA! I am waaay too much of a control freak for that! And yes, these few paragraphs are copied from Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colours for Girls Rooms – I can only be so sharp and witty you know! So what do you do when you and baby-boo are at odds over paint colours? You read this….Tips for choosing paint colours with your kids for their bedroom… Tip 1 DO NOT let them pick the colour they want – they are usually colour ninjas Ask them to tell you 2 different colours that they would like on their

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