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Some days I long for a beautiful, put-together house, or nicer things. A place that feels cozy and lived-in, yet lovely. So I let myself pout for a minute or two. Then I decide something needs to be done to change my attitude. Because I can pout all I want, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not in our budget to fix these things right now. And for now, that’s okay. Here are a few of the things I do when I’m having one of those days, and need to be reminded how truly blessed I am…

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Smirnoff Red White and Berry Vodka Mojitos Named Best Spirit of 2017 by Product of the Year, Smirnoff Red White and Berry Vodka is back for July 4th! And here’s a Smirnoff Vodka Mojito recipe that’s perfect for your IndependenceDay celebration. Pick up a bottle while supplies last. RECIPE: 1.5oz SMIRNOFF RED WHITE + BERRY 3oz SODA WATER 1oz LIME JUICE MINT, BLUEBERRY, STRAWBERRY GARNISH

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