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One thing I learned early on as a mom: having professional pictures taken of my kids is a terrible form of torture. The first time I took my baby daughter in for professional photos, it took 4 hours (no lie): the photographer was running late, and then took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to take a few pictures, in between which she had to keep answering the phone. Not only was my baby fussy and tired, but my husband and I were frazzled, and we vowed to never return to a photo studio ever again. It was then I decided that I really needed

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I try to keep the garage entry to the house tidy, as thats the one everyone uses. But, Ive never thought to turn it into an impromptu mudroom. Its a great idea for those without a proper mudroom (me), plus, it  keeps the mud where it belongs: in the garage. I found six spaces that really stir the creative juices. Take a look: First up is this lovely spot from Triple the Blessings. Hard to believe this space is IN the garage, but it is. A bright spot in the garage that will surely bring a smile to those who enter: If…

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