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Reclaimed wood wall art, Chevron Diamond design, twin headboard or can be used as wood wall decor or made into a tabletop. Made from reclaimed wood lath from a church made in 1830 and from another old building. On sale, this twin headboard or wall art is ready to ship. This listing is for this size only, approx. 41 by 17 by 1.5 inches. It comes ready to hang vertically or horizontally on a small nail or two in the wall. Will arrive ready to hang on the wall. We also offer the Full, Queen and King size headboards. Convo us for dimensions and price. This rustic twin headboard is made of all natural lath that has aged through the years and has changed color to many different hues of brown due to oxidation. The lighter colored lath is also natural but when the plaster was applied years ago the lath absorbed some of the plaster giving it this lighter color. None of the laths have been painted. It is an original design of mine and each is unique due to texture, color and grain in the laths are all different, also the old nail holes are not in the same place. Please go to the drop down menu to choose if you would like the finish to be natural as is, or have a clear matte finish applied. We do customize. It is designed and handmade by me, Michael Hutton. It is signed by me and dated. This one is ready to ship. The evening that it ships I will send the customer the tracking number and the date of arrival. It will ship usps or Fedex 3-5 business days after purchase. Thank you for visiting my shop at Past Reclaimed for your rustic mosaic reclaimed wood wall art and headboards. https://PastReclaimed.etsy.com

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Reclaimed wood lath wall art. Rustic Santa Fe style natural geometric design, can be used as a twin headboard in the bedroom or as wall art in your living room. We also offer Full, Queen and King size headboards in this design. Just convo us for dimensions and price. The star and diamond designs are a mixture of both of the plaster lath side and the side that was oxidized, making a rustic warm decor that would make a statement in any room of any decor. The natural colors on the plaster laths are browns from oxidation over the years and the lighter color from the plaster that was absobed a little by the lath that it was on. Making a very nice warm rustic headboard or wall art decoration. Each lath is different in color and texture making each art piece, one of a kind. Handmade and comes ready to hang horizontally with a small hole in the back to hang on a small nail or two in the wall. Hangs securely and flat against the wall. This listing is for this size and design only, shown as a single in the first picture. The size is approx. 41 x 17 x 1.5 inch. Since this is made to order this is going to be the same design but the colors may vary a little cause each is unique in the lath colors but they will be similar. This is my original design, handmade, signed and dated by me, Michael D Hutton. It ships within 2-3 weeks after purchase and ships usps or Fedex. We send the tracking number to you and date of arrival the evening that it ships. Thank you for visiting my shop for your reclaimed wood lath wall art decor and headboards at Past Reclaimed. https://PastReclaimed.etsy.com

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The first thing I did was purchase a few closet organization gadgets. These are normally for shoes but I used them to store the cleaning products we use most. If you are thinking about doing something like this make sure to put your money in strong ones since you are going to be adding a good amount of weight to them.n As you can see this is not a huge space BUT we have room for cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, our ironing board, vacuum, mop, broom, and more… So awesome!

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