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Pete was just asked to be the best man in a wedding. Thats so exciting for him. It also means he needs to prepare. The wedding is next month, so Im doing all I can to help him get ready for it. Are you the best man in a wedding? For a maid of honor, she gets stuck with a ton of wedding planning tasks, like stuffing wedding invitations. As the best man, your roll is a bit more fun. All you really have to do, pre-wedding, is plan the bachelor party. On the day of, you have a little bit more to remember. Like everything that goes with your tuxedo. And the wedding rings, if youre in charge of them. Dont worry. Were here to help. I put together a printable best man packing list. You can print it out and then check off everything you need as you go. That way, you wont forget anything. Best Man Packing List Tuxedo – shirt, undershirt, jacket, vest, tie, pants, pocket square, cufflinks, buttons Shoes Socks Accessories – watch, jewelry Hair brush Deodorant Wedding rings Wedding card Speech Phone Wallet Are you the maid of honor for a wedding? You have a lot to remember too, even more than the groom. Well have that list up for you next Friday! BRIDAL BABBLE: What else would you add to our best man packing list?

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The first thing I did was purchase a few closet organization gadgets. These are normally for shoes but I used them to store the cleaning products we use most. If you are thinking about doing something like this make sure to put your money in strong ones since you are going to be adding a good amount of weight to them.n As you can see this is not a huge space BUT we have room for cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, our ironing board, vacuum, mop, broom, and moreā€¦ So awesome!

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