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See 20 of the best Ikea Kallax Hakcs and the different ways you can DIY them for your home. Find ideas for every room. Hack them for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and kids rooms. Make tv stands, a cute bar, coffee station, bookcases, desk or turn it into a bench. These simple book shelves can be turned into fabulous bookcases and are so versatile. They provide fabulous storage for any space in your home while keeping it unique to your style. Go on! Why not hack on today!

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I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled with how this project turned out. Not only does it look great, but it was super affordable and easy! Im sure youve seen these chrome barstools before along with the leather cushion tops, they really look outdated. My incredible husband found these for me at Goodwill for just $5 each! He knew that I could give them a new look! All you need to duplicate this look is: * Your own set of old barstools * 1 can of matte black spray paint *…

Photo via: craftedtocreate.com

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